Robin Hood's Dungeon Escape
Leaves 10/20/2022


Break out of your routine...

It's Time To Escape

Escape Games, Escape Rooms and Puzzle Rooms at Live Action Escapes

Picture the scene: You and your teammates have just walked onto one of our immersive sets. As you look around, the items and decorations begin to tell a story. But this is not just a story, this is an escape room. The door closes behind you. Now it’s up to you to solve the mystery and work together with your team to escape before time runs out! Can you make it, or will you be defeated by the clever Puzzlemaster?

For fans of “Escape The Room” and “Search The Room” style escape games, Live Action Escapes is Worcester’s best destination for group and family outings, team-building and corporate functions.

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What Our
Players Say

My sisters and I took my mom here for her birthday. We had an absolute blast. We did not finish we were very very close. But, it wont discourage us from coming again. I definitely plan on taking my husband and making a date night of it.

5 Star Review

April P.

My friends and I went for one of the cold case rooms on July 21, with plans to get dinner after. It was so awesome, we actually arranged to do the Janus room after dinner on the same day! The crew was super helpful and gracious, and the whole experience was incredibly fun! I would absolutely go again.

5 Star Review

Moriah G.

My family and I (7 of us all together) went to Live Action Escapes last night, and we had a great time. A lot more interactive than other escape rooms that I’ve done. It was the perfect blend of challenging yet doable, and once you finish you’ll be pumped to do another room.

5 Star Review

Pasquale D.

I love this place! I’ve been a few times with different groups of people and we always have a great time. The rooms are very well thought out and challenging (but not too challenging that they’re unsolvable). I can’t wait to come back!

5 Star Review

Nicole M.

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