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Team Building & Corporate Events

Live Action Escapes Worcester currently offers five different escape game experiences that foster communication and new thought processes. Build new team rapport and strengthen existing teams within a structure that integrates each member’s specific talents and focuses on problem solving.


Reserve your team building and corporate events today! Live Action Escapes Worcester can accommodate anywhere between 2-40 players per hour. Contact us to make your custom arrangements.


Private & Corporate events are held at your convenience.
We can accommodate your schedule between the hours of 10 am & 10 pm.

Some Of Our Satisfied Clients:

Some of our satisfied Team-Building and Corporate Function clients


Get To Know Your Co-Workers Better

When teams of co-workers are placed in one of our escape games, power dynamics can quickly become evident. Leaders emerge, team players interact positively and some members may put up barriers. Having a singular common goal allows a unique opportunity for teams to learn to communicate with and rely on one another. In a work environment where the computer reigns and everyone has their own tasks, human interaction is growing increasingly scarce. The interaction provided by working toward the common goal will strengthen bonds and leave a lasting impression.

Ignite The Spirit Of Achievement

The activities one comes to expect each work day become commonplace and routine. Immersing co-workers into a surreal situation can promote stronger relationships and cohesiveness in teams. Our games demand the use of critical thinking and problem-solving which is sure to improve your team’s everyday routine. Live Action Escapes offers an environment which requires team members to break down social barriers and cultivate cooperation, skills that can return to the workplace. Experiencing our escape games together will encourage the type of out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem solving that is beneficial to any business.

Develop Strength In Your Team

At Live Action Escapes Worcester our games maximize communication, creativity, and tactical planning between team members. Problem-solving skills, observation and the ability to adapt quickly to change will also be put to the test. Hone their skills and build on their strengths. It’s the perfect environment for your employees to come together for a team building experience that increases team morale.

Improve Your Team’s Efficiency

An escape game adventure is what your team needs to improve their creative thinking and communication. Experience Live Actions Escapes and provide your team with a shared history of productive and meaningful success.

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Catering Options

Just when you thought your work outing couldn’t get more enjoyable! We’ve partnered with a couple of local restaurants that offer a wide variety of delicious, local food, adding the perfect finishing touches to your team building event. Contact us to make custom catering arrangements.


Can’t make it to Worcester? We can come to you!

New England's Only

Mobile Escape Room

You and your friends will enter this 30 foot 1960’s throwback camper. Use your wits to find the clues that will help you locate the concert tickets before the bus leaves you behind. The Hippie Camper will have multiple length games available to fit your event. Great for large corporate Team Building & Corporate Events (we bring the fun to you). Attract a crowd for your grand openings. Weddings, Birthday Parties and more…


Private & Corporate events are held at your convenience.
Contact us to book the Mobile Escape Room for your event.

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