Have you read thought our Frequently Asked Questions page but still looking for more information?

Here are more Frequently Asked Questions we get at Live Action Escapes.

How do I find the entrance to Live Action Escapes Worcester?
This is probably one of our most frequently asked questions! And that’s because it can be a little tricky to find our entrance. Our address is 1 Exchange Street, Worcester MA 01608 but our door is located on Waldo Street. Coming from the corner of Exchange and Waldo, we are the 2nd awning, across from the Not Ya Mama’s Vegan Grub restaurant. Give us a call when your entire party had arrived at the door with our logo on it and we will come let you in.

How do I book an Escape Room Game at Live Action Escapes?
Online, through our website by clicking HERE! Or if you have a large group (require more than 2 games) reach out to us via email for more information.

How many people can I have on my team?
It depends on the game you choose. Some of our games are a 6 player maximum, some are an 8 player maximum. We are happy to host one extra player in some of our games, but it is not entirely recommended.
Have a large group? We can accommodate up to 25 players per hour, split between our 3 games!

How much does it cost to play an escape room game?
As of 2/2/23 our prices start at $31 per person for 1-2 players.
Have 3 or more players and pay only $29 per person!

Do you offer large group discounts?
Large group discount rates are available and varies based on days/times and number of players. Please reach out to us via email (PuzzleMaster@LiveActionEscapes.com) for more specific information for your group. 

What escape room game(s) should I play?
You can learn more about our games on the Explore the Rooms page, or take a look at our blog post “What game should I choose for my group?” for even more helpful information.

What is the maximum number of people I can plan a team building event or birthday party for?
We can accommodate up to 25 players per hour, split between our 3 games! Or we have off-location rental options for even larger groups. 

What should I wear to play an escape room game?
We recommend something comfortable, but really anything goes. At Live Action Escapes, our games won’t have you crawling all over the floor, or climbing ladders, but we still suggest practical clothes for simple physical activities (like bending to look at puzzles, or lifting boxes off shelves). Ball gowns and high heels may not be the most comfortable, but we won’t stop you from playing if you showed up wearing it!

Is your escape room good for my 10 year old?
Yes! Our escape room games are designed to be done by ages 8 and up. We do require at least one paying adult (person 18+) be in the game with any players under the age of 16. If everyone in the group is 16 or older, no adult is required. 

Should I tip my escape room Game Master before or after a game?
That’s up to you! A tip before the game may ensure your group a little extra assistance from your Game Master (but it’s no guarantee…they cannot be bribed). A tip after your game shows them you had a great time playing! Is tipping required? Of course not, but the Game Masters are grateful for the show of appreciation! 

What is the best escape room game at Live Action Escapes?
Everyone will give you a different answer, because they’re all great! 

Not so frequently asked questions!

Do I need to bring a screwdriver with me?
Absolutely NOT! Everything that you need to solve the puzzles in the game are provided in the room for you. You do not need to bring anything other than yourself (and your puzzle solving skills!). 

Does your escape room have live actors?
No. Live Action Escapes does not have any live actors in their games. 

Can I bring my drink/food with me?
Yes, we allow you to bring all personal items with you, however we ask that any opened drinks (like soda cans and coffee cups) be finished before you enter, or kept with the Game Master for after your game. We do not allow any active consumption of food while playing your game, water is okay though. We don’t want any accidents to happen (and you don’t either because we’ll make YOU clean it up). So, best to keep it tucked away with all the other personal items.


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