Have you read through our Frequently Asked Questions page and blog post but still have some unanswered questions?

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions 2.0 version

You can click HERE for our FAQ page or HERE for our FAQ blog post #1.

Will I be playing with other participants?
Maybe! If you book one of our PUBLIC games and do not fill all of the spots available, you may be with other players. You can choose the “book entire game” option to upgrade to a private game if you would like to ensure it will be only your group. 

Am I really going to be “locked” in a room?
Yes and no! Some of our games “lock” you into the room and your objective is to find a key to unlock the locked door in order to escape. However, we always offer at least one emergency exit door that stays unlocked the entire time, so you aren’t actually stuck in the room!  

What kind of puzzles will I be solving?
Lots of different kinds! At Live Action Escapes we offer a large variety of puzzles in our games from audio, visual, physical, mental, electronic and MORE! 

What time should I show up for my game?
We ask that you arrive AT LEAST 5 minutes before your game. This means you are in our lobby prepared to receive instructions BY YOUR GAMES START TIME. Please plan for extra time to find parking (we are located right in the middle of downtown Worcester, there are many events that happen daily effecting the parking availability) or use the restroom before your game.

Do you accept walk ins at Live Action Escapes?
We do not currently accept walk ins at this time. Please see our website or give us a call if you would like to join us last minute. Reservations are sill required in advance.

What if I have more players than the maximum for the escape game I want to play?
We are happy to accommodate up to 1 extra player in Cold Case: Revisited and The Protocol 2: Potsy’s Place or up to 2 extra players in Captive. We do not recommend overfilling the games, as our maximums are in place for optimal experiences, but as long as you all know that, we can squeeze another person in the game if you would like. Simply reserve the game for the maximum number of players allowed and in the “Let Us Know” section, you can state that you will have additional players, along with their first and last names. We will take care of payment for the additional player(s) upon arrival. 

Who designs and builds the escape games at Live Action Escapes?
We do! Live Action Escapes’ owners and operators design and build all of our own props and puzzles ourselves! You will never see these games anywhere else. 

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