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2-8 players

60 min


About This Escape Game

Do you have what it takes to command a starship?

The captain of the Janus has transmitted a desperate plea for help. The starship was on its way back from an important research mission on Vareidan when the leader of the Vareidan species initiated an attack that left Janus severely damaged. There is only one way to ensure the survival of the specimen; teleport aboard the ship, repair all life support systems and return the ship safely back to Earth. With just 60 minutes before the system fails completely, it is up to you and your team to secure the safety of this precious cargo.

The Escape Room:

The Starship is an advanced escape room with a fully interactive Starship Horizons bridge simulator. You get to play the escape room, repair all systems and safely pilot the starship back to Earth to complete the mission.

Starship Horizons Bridge Simulator at Live Action Escapes Worcester


Schedule a photo shoot or a film shoot:

Experience our Hollywood quality starship set as an environment for your project. You will have full access to all of the amazing rooms including the bridge with a fully functional space flight simulator.


Just for fun:

You can book a private room with you and your friends to play a mission in the bridge of The Starship Janus. There are multiple missions to choose from and even a free flight mode allowing you to explore the depths of space as you please.

Team Building:

Hold your next meeting aboard the starship and discover if your team can work together to successfully complete a mission.
Please arrive 15 min before your game time for instructions.

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