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2-6 players

60 min


About This Escape Game

The year is 1927…

Your grandfather, a linguistics professor at Miskatonic University, has recently passed away. In his absence, you find yourself inside of his personal study, but this is not a trip down memory lane. A secret cult has summoned an ancient, giant monster from the depths of the ocean to destroy the world and reclaim it as his own.

As the monster pounds the streets and destroys the city around you, it is your job to locate the Idol of Cthulhu and use it to send him back to the depths before the stars come out of alignment and he can no longer be stopped.

Will your team be able to send Cthulhu back to the depths, or will he once again rule planet earth and destroy humanity?

Remember… Teamwork and communication are a big part of escape rooms, mystery rooms, escape games and puzzle rooms.
Tip: Use Your Clues.

Open Game: $27.00 per person, anyone can join you.
Private room: $216.00 only those you invite.

Please arrive 15 min before your game time for instructions.

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