per player


2-10 players

60 min


About This Escape Game

Can you escape the grip of the Puzzlemaster’s twisted game?

The location of the Puzzlemaster has been discovered. A group of detectives have already been sent in to investigate but they vanished without a trace. This case has gone from pressing to critical. With your guys missing, capturing the Puzzlemaster is top priority. Yielding only a small flashlight and a tactical walkie talkie to communicate back to Headquarters; you must enter the apartment of Terry Starkweather AKA The Puzzlemaster to find any clues to where the missing team might be. Of course, this recovery mission isn’t going to be easy. Terry has his apartment booby trapped, locking you in as the door closed behind you. If there’s any hope in finding your guys alive you must stay in within the “golden hour”. This leaves you with just 60 minutes to locate the 8 search and seizure reports left behind by the previous team of investigators, recover 3 additional pieces of evidence and find the key to escape before the Puzzlemaster returns.

This game is for 2 to 10 players ages 6 to 110. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult.  This 60 minute game has a 50% success rate.

Remember… Teamwork and communication are an important part of solving escape rooms.
Tip: Use Your Clues.

Open Room: $27.00 per person, anyone can join you.
Private room: $270.00 only those you invite.

Please arrive 15 min before your game time for instructions.

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