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Our Escape Rooms

The Protocol 2: Potsy's Place - Can you and your forensics team recreate the crime and find the location of The Puzzlemaster in time?
The Protocol 2: Potsy's Place
60 min
As the first group of investigators kidnapped from The Puzzlemaster's apartment in The Protocol, you must search through your new location to discover the identity of his accomplice and escape! Up to 3 players will be handcuffed for a portion of this game.
Captive: Can You Escape The Doomsday Bunker?


2-8 players
60 min
The world is ending and you’ve been saved by a seasoned doomsday prepper. But, you can’t take the word of a stranger holding you captive, can you?
Robin Hood's Dungeon Escape - Available Now

Robin Hood's Escape

2-6 players
60 min
Robin Hood has been captured (again!) by the Sheriff of Nottingham. As his band of Merry Men, retrieve Robin’s personal items and free him before the guards return and throw you in the dungeon too! This is a single room, puzzle solving experience.
Cartoon Takeover! An Escape Game By Kids, For Kids

Cartoon Takeover!

2-6 players
30 min
Kids 5-8
Oh No! Doc Roach is trying to turn the real world into a cartoon world. Can you complete all of the tasks to finish the De-cartooninator and stop this Cartoon Takeover!?
Quest For The Golden Keys: A Live Scavenger Hunt Event
A Scavenger Hunt Event
120 min
The Quest is a fun, family friendly, medieval themed event with both mental and physical puzzle games. This game can be played in most large indoor or outdoor areas and can even be altered to fit your event. Contact us now for more information and availability!