Our Escape Games

Captive: Can You Escape The Doomsday Bunker?


2-8 players
60 min
The world is ending and you’ve been saved by a seasoned Doomsday prepper... but you can’t take the word of a stranger holding you captive, can you?
Save The World: Rise Of Cthulhu Escape Room
Save The World: Rise Of Cthulhu
2-6 players
60 min
A cult has summoned an ancient, giant monster from the depths. Can you locate the Idol of Cthulhu and use it to send him back before he destroys the earth?
Janus - The Starship Escape Room
The Starship: Space Rescue
2-8 players
60 min
With the starship Janus severely damaged, there’s only one way to ensure the survival of the specimen: Teleport aboard the ship, repair life support and bring the ship back safely.
The Protocol - Can you and your forensics team recreate the crime and find the location of The Puzzlemaster in time?

The Protocol

2-10 players
60 min
The first investigators that went into The PuzzleMaster's apartment have disappeared. It’s your job to locate the reports the previous team has behind and find any evidence that could lead you to their whereabouts.
Cold Case Investigators - Can you and your forensics team recreate the crime and find the location of The Puzzlemaster in time?
Cold Case Investigators
2-8 players
60 min
Handcuffed to the wall with a 3-foot chain, re-enact the most recent crime scene from a serial killer known for locking people in a room. Solve his puzzles to gain your freedom.
Don't Miss The Bus - The Mobile Escape Room

Don't Miss The Bus!

2-8 players
10-30 min
Race against the clock to locate the missing concert tickets before the bus leaves without you! This 30 foot mobile escape room game has multiple play time lengths available to fit any event. The Mobile Escape Room is available to book from April to November each year.
Quest For The Golden Keys: A Live Scavenger Hunt Event

A Scavenger Hunt Event

120 min
The Quest is a fun, family friendly, medieval themed event with both mental and physical puzzle games. This game can be played indoors or outdoors and can be altered to fit your event. Contact us now for more information and availability!
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