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Cold Case: Revisited

2-6 players
60 min
Part 5 of our famous Cold Case Investigators Series - After discovering that The PuzzleMaster was not working alone, investigators decided to reopen the curious case and see what more they can uncover by revisiting old crime scenes and case files. Work together to identify the victims and close this case for good!
Captive: Can You Escape The Doomsday Bunker?


2-8 players
60 min
The world is ending and you’ve been saved by a seasoned doomsday prepper. But, you can’t take the word of a stranger holding you captive, can you?
The Protocol 2: Potsy's Place - Can you and your forensics team recreate the crime and find the location of The Puzzlemaster in time?
The Protocol 2: Potsy's Place
2-8 players
60 min
As the first group of investigators kidnapped from The Puzzlemaster's apartment in The Protocol, you must search through your new location to discover the identity of his accomplice and escape! Up to 3 players will be handcuffed for a portion of this game.
We recommend 4+ players for this game.
The Great Party Escape by Live Action Escapes
A Portable Escape Room Game
2-6 players
45 mins
The Great Party Escape is the escape room that comes to you! This game can be played in most locations and can even be altered to fit your event. Available for hourly or daily rentals. Contact us now for more information and availability!
Quest for the Golden Keys game poster
A Scavenger Hunt Event
The Quest is a fun, family friendly, medieval themed event with both mental and physical puzzle games. 2 different game play options. Click the button below for more information.