What’s New With Live Action Escapes?

To put it short, a lot! Keep reading for more detail on what’s new, what’s exciting (and what’s not so exciting) happening with Live Action Escapes Entertainment.

As some of you may already know, we moved! This is part of the not so exciting updates. Back in August 2023 there were some issues with the Exchange Street building that forced all of the businesses in the building to vacate. You can read a little more about that on here.

That won’t stop us though!

We are now located at 415 Main Street, Worcester MA 01608 on the 3rd floor, just a few short blocks from our old building. We’re still right in the heart of Downtown, so you still have the convenience of on street parking, and multiple garages within walking distance. We are also now handicap accessible!

Due to this very unexpected, very last minute move, we have had to say goodbye to a couple of our games. We retired Captive and The Protocol 2: Potsy’s Place, but were able to take Cold Case: Revisited with us. It won’t be staying for long, so play while it’s still here! Have you already played Cold Case? Check out our newest release (opened Nov 1st, 2023) called The Art Thieves.

Our new location offers us the opportunity to open a larger number of escape room games than our previous location did, so keep an eye out for our up coming games: Something’s In The Closet!, This Side//That Side and Alien Crash Lab (all names subject to change). We will also be offering more than just escape rooms!

Want to have your birthday party at Live Action Escapes?

We now offer a private event room, perfect for you to enjoy some cake and open presents after your escape room experience. We offer a couple of different escape game add on options, which you can learn more about on our Birthday Parties page. If you have any questions about what’s new with our event space, give us a shout!


Update 5/1/24 Smashlanes is on pause and will not be released when stated in the text below. Sorry for any disappointment! We will be opening other types of activities in the mean time, so take a look at those instead 🙂

What is a “SmashLanes”?

Great question! It is something entirely new to Live Action Escapes and will be available for booking Spring 2024. Imagine a couple of ax throwing lanes meet a rage room and you’ve got yourself a SmashLanes! The perfect way to blow off steam and release some pent up frustrations in a safe and welcoming environment.

What month will the Art Gallery be open?

By the end of the year, hopefully. Our new location is large enough for us to dedicate an entire room to showcase local artists for our customers. All art displayed will be available for purchase. Want to be featured? A submission form will be put out on our Facebook page as a call to local artists who would like their art to be displayed. Give us a like/follow to be notified.


Well ,that’s what’s new for now! We will be posting new blogs about our small, family owned and operated business regularly. If you ever have any questions about our escape room games or any other activity offered at Live Action Escapes, please reach out! We are always happy to hear from our customers.