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Escape games, also commonly known as Puzzle Rooms or Escape Rooms, are a hot new trend sweeping the world, evolving from point-and-click adventure games on the PC to real-life adventure games for groups. The premise is simple: you and your team enter a themed space and must work together to find clues, solve puzzles and get out before running out of time.


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Gather your friends, family & co-workers for some fun and excitement!


Escape games are a fun and family-friendly activity, perfect for getting a group of friends together for an exciting time out. Come see us on Date Night and you will really see how your partner reacts under pressure. Live Action Escapes also provides Team Building for corporate & local businesses. It’s a fun way to promote teamwork or test a new candidate for employment outside the work space.


Live Action Escapes is the perfect environment for Birthday Parties, Bachelor Parties, Graduation Parties and more. For larger groups, our Competition Rooms are a huge hit: we set up two identical rooms, split the group in two and pit you all against each other. Find out more on the Live Action Escapes FAQ page.


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Business Hours:

  • MON: Group Events Only
  • TUE: Group Events Only
  • WED: Group Events Only
  • THU: 4pm – 10:30pm
  • FRI: 4pm – 10:30pm
  • SAT: 12pm – 10:30pm
  • SUN: 12pm – 9pm


Date Nights
Bachelor Parties
Girls Night Out


Company Competitions
Sports Teams
Small Groups


Father & Son Activity
Mother & Daughter Activity
Grandparents Activity
Newlyweds Activity


Get out of the virtual world and putting your gaming skills to the test in live action competition!

How to Find Us | Live Action Escapes Worcester MA
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Conveniently Located

Live Action Escapes is located on the corner of Commercial Street and Exchange Street in Worcester, MA, across the street from the DCU Center, and our entrance is on Commercial Street.

Conveniently located near several restaurants including The Citizen, The People’s Kitchen, Still & Stir, Mezcal Cantina & Pizzeria Uno. Live Action Escapes is just a short walk from the The Palladium, Mechanics Hall and the Worcester Courthouse.

With so many great venues nearby, there are plenty of options for parking, including parking lots and parking garages as well as on-street parking near our entrance.

Live Action Escapes is located on the 3rd floor above The People’s Kitchen & Michael’s Cigar Bar, accessible by elevator.


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