So, you find yourself locked in a room with 4 of your friends. You’re all looking around a realizing you have no idea where you are or how to get out, but then you remember, you paid to be here. You and your friends are locked in an escape room, the timer in the room is counting down from 60:00 and the longer you stand there the less time you have to figure out how to escape the room. So where do you start?


Tip #1 – Listen to Your Game Master:

When your Game Master is giving you game instructions and rules, listen! There may be some important information in what they’re saying that will help you solve a puzzle. This will also keep you from doing things that you’re not supposed to do that will only waste time. This applies to any hints that may be given within the game as well (usually on a TV screen or through a speaker or walkie talkie).


Tip #2 – Communication is Key:

This can be accomplished in a couple of different ways, the most common being yell out what you found! This may seem a bit chaotic but, it lets all of your teammates know what you have found. This will help you put two and two together meaning, locks and keys, a pattern that appears in multiple places and combinations with their locks.


Tip #3 – Listen to Your Teammates:

This goes along with #2. When you’re teammates yell out what they found, make sure you are listening to what they said. You should also listen to any crazy (but reasonable) ideas they may have about solving puzzles and encourage them to try it. This could potentially get you closer to the final solution! This is called teamwork!


Tip #4 – Be Thorough:

Make sure everyone in your group is checking every nook, cranny, crevice and drawer you have access to. This ensures that you won’t miss any clues or puzzle pieces you may need to solve.


Tip #5 – Stay Organized:

The less time you use trying to figure out if you have used a clue already or not, the more time you will have to solve other ones! Put any used clues in a pile, most clues won’t be used more than once, and if you do need it again, you already know where all your past clues are!  


If you find a clue that doesn’t help figure out the puzzle that you’re working on, keep the clue in an unused pile. That way you are not searching for the clue when you find the puzzle it does help solve.


Keep all keys in the lock they opened. This prevents players from attempting to use a key that has already opened a lock. Again, keys generally only open one lock, but in the off chance it will be used twice, you know where they all are!


Tip #6 – Pockets Don’t Exist:

Pretend your pockets don’t exist. This prevents players from slipping a key or a clue in their pocket and forgetting about it. All this does is waste time when you can’t find the key to unlock the next lock or the last clue to solve the puzzle.


Tip #7 – Pass the Baton:

If you have been looking at a clue or puzzle and are unable to solve it, call over or pass it along to one of your other teammates. You may not be able to see the solution, but a new set of eyes and a different brain might be able to. If everyone has taken a look and still can’t seem to find the solution, that may mean you don’t have all the information yet (or you need a hint to help you solve it)!


Tip #8 – Have Fun:

This is the most important part. Enjoy doing something different with your friends and family and remember that it is okay to lose! If you group members are getting frustrated with each other, you probably won’t be communicating efficiently. This will slow you down and you may not complete all of the puzzles needed to escape the room.


Live Action Escapes has some helpful tips and tricks posted throughout our business. They are in our lobby, in our waiting room and even in the bathrooms!

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